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Bad News for Windows XP Users

XP has become a “bad neighborhood” for system security, a magnet for malware. It’s time to pull up stakes and head to higher ground.  >>Learn more

 2 Windows 8 tips to Make Your Life Easier

Add a Start button to Win 8 and teach Explorer 10 to behave like Explorer 9.  >>Learn more

Using the Windows Key

What is the Windows Key and how do I use it?. >>Learn more

And Now for Something Completely Different – Windows 8

Take a look at Windows 8 with this Consumer Preview video. >>Learn more

Make Friends with Windows Explorer!

Learn the basics of this program that many people haven’t discovered. This video blog illustrates some of the great things you can do with this program. >>Learn more

Help! My Desktop is a Mess!

If you frequently have many windows open on your desktop, this tip is for you. Whether you’re using Windows XP or Window® 7 you’ll find the quick answers here. >>Learn more

Pinning Documents in Microsoft Office

“Pinning” keeps documents that your frequently use readily available to you. >>Learn more