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Creating Faded Edges in Photoshop

Soften those harsh edges in special photos. >>Learn more

Unleashing the Alt Key in Photoshop

Photoshop has a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Here are a couple of great ones using the Alt Key. >>Learn more

Photoshop: Speeding Up Every Day Tasks

Learning a couple of keyboard commands can really speed up your work in Photoshop and save a lot of aggravation. >>Learn more

Make a PowerPoint-Like Presentation with Photoshop

If you have a series of images that you want to build into a PowerPoint-like presentation, it can be as simple as pushing a few buttons in Photoshop. >>Learn more

Photoshop: Automate Your Grunt Work

Do you need to do a repetitive series of tasks to a large number of images? Why not let Photoshop automate a batch process for you instead?  >>Learn more

Photoshop: Take the Shortcut

Need a way to remember all those keyboard shortcuts? You’ll find the way to do it in this blog. >>Learn more

Copy an Image into a New Photoshop File

Want to get an image into Photoshop? Simply copy it. You’ll find the easy instructions in this blog. >>Learn more

SOS – Save our Selection Area

Saving a selection area keeps you from having to recreate it at some nebulous point in the future. That nebulous point being the most inconvenient time. >>Learn more

JPG – A Great File Format if Used Properly

We love small files, but not at the expense of image quality. Here’s how to maintain the best quality when working with JPGs. >>Learn more