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Sort Data in Excel Using Custom Lists to Sort by Unique Criteria

Microsoft Excel’s sorting power goes above and beyond the normal sorting by alphabet or numbers!

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Microsoft Office File Extensions

We have had questions over the past few years about the differences in Microsoft’s File Extensions in the most recent versions.  This blog has the answers. >>Learn more

The Secret to Converting Numbers Formatted as Text Back to Numbers Formatted as Numbers

This tip has literally saved me hours. It just might do that for you. Check it out. >>Learn more

Timesaving Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some of our favorite keyboard shortcuts. They’ll save you time the next time you work in Excel. >>Learn more

Formatting Cells to Create a Numbered List

Have you ever wanted to create a numbered list in Excel and have the first column actually show the number with a period after it? It’s not one of Excel’s standard number formats. This tip teaches you how to do it. >>Learn more

Adding Notes in the Formula Line of Your Spreadsheet

This tip allows you to put information – notes, explanations, etc. – right in the formula line of your Excel spreadsheet. >>Learn more