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Get more from your software..
You’ve made it this far and your patience is about to be rewarded — big time. I consider this to be the most valuable link on this site. We can’t say enough about the quality (and quantity!) of training made available at Tons of training on Microsoft and Adobe programs, and tons more on software that we’ve never heard of before. It’s all done by streaming video by some of the best instructors in the business. And it’s only $25 a month for all-you-can-eat training. That’s less that what you’d pay for a single software how-to book. And you get an even better deal if you sign up for a year. They also do group pricing if you want everyone in your company or department to become as smart as you (but never as good looking, right?). Click the graphic link, browse their list of courses, go to any course’s page and all the course segments that aren’t grayed out are available as a free preview. You’re welcome.

Start learning on Udemy today!
Udemy is an online training academy, like, with a number of differences. First, with you subscribe for a period of time and have access to every course during the time that you are subscribed. As soon as your subscription expires, you have access to nothing. On, you buy each course individually and have lifetime access to that course from that point on. Also, Udemy has a broader selection of topics than In addition to the typical software and photography training, you can take courses on how to play the ukelele or train your dog. I think that you’ll find a combination of both and will cover all your training needs. We use both of them.

informIT is a branch of PeachPit Press. They publishes techie books, stuff that’s aimed at IT guys and gals. Much of it is over my humble head. BUT…there is a link in the menu bar at the top of the landing page for Safari Books Online. Outstanding resource! This is the closest rival to that we’ve found. Like Lynda, this is another monthly or annual knowledge-base subscription service. But besides having thousands of hours of streaming video to stimulate your neurons, Safari Books Online also has […wait for it…] books. Online! A technical library full of ’em, from more than 40 of the top geek book publishing houses. Can’t wait for the next book to be published? They even have rough drafts of books that are still in the process of being written. (How cool is that?) This is an incredible resource for those who are in the market for some serious technical training. A one-month subscription to either Safari Books Online or can get you out of a major jam when you run into problems with a project.