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Our handy TIPCards provide helpful hints at your fingertips. They provide commonly used (but easily forgotten) commands on pocket-sized cards. Click on the title of the card to download an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF with four cards on each page.

Instructions for printing: Print the cards double-sided on cardstock, then cut into 4 cards.

If you have a suggestion for a new TIPCard, e-mail us at

Click on the title to open the PDF for that TIPCard in a new window. You can then save the PDF to your system by right clicking and selecting “Save file.”

Adobe® InDesign®

We have two InDesign cards.

INDD-NAV1 provides commonly used InDesign navigation commands on one side and viewing commands on the other.  Learn the keyboard commands to quickly move between documents, display all or part of the current document, zoom in or out and more.

INDD-KC1 provides Keyboard Commands associated with file opening, setup and saving as well as general editing commands.

Microsoft® Excel®

This card has Excel navigational keyboard commands on one side and helpful cell editing commands on the other. Learn how to quickly enter the date or time, and how to move quickly around a large spreadsheet.

Special Characters/Microsoft® Windows® Common Commands

This card provides the keyboard commands for special characters (like registered trademarks, copyright symbol, typographical quotes, cents symbol and more) on one side and Microsoft Windows commands that are common across most programs.