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Most of the projects we do include graphic images of some type: photos, CAD drawings, illustrations, charts, symbols, and so forth. In a large catalog or technical book, we may have several hundred different graphics to work with, coming from many different sources. Usually the author will want them to have a consistent look or size, or will need some kind of modifications to be made to make them suitable for their final output media.

Editing existing photos or artwork is usually much less expensive than having it re-created. Using industry-standard software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, and CorelDRAW®, we can make the following kinds of changes:

  • Make technical drawings consistent. This might include…
    • Editing text or making font types and sizes consistent
    • Making line weights consistent (or adding or deleting lines)
    • Adding callout arrows
    • Removing “clutter” so that the important details are emphasized
  • Edit images for clarity or aesthetics, which might include…
    • Changing the color or lighting effects of photos
    • Outline products or equipment to remove a distracting background
    • Combine two or more photos into a collage

Click here to see some “before and after” samples of our image editing work.