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Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the flagship service provided by Data Designs Publishing. We’ve been in business since 1988 and have been doing DTP professionally for almost as long as the technology has existed.

Our specialty is long documents — things like product catalogs, technical books, training manuals, directories, and detailed price lists — but we also do shorter pieces as well. We’ve also created items of all sizes — as small as pocket guides with pages not much larger than a business card or as large as poster-sized wall charts. So whether your project is many pages or few, large or small, give us a call for all your desktop publishing needs. You can reach us at 419-660-0500.

Print and Digital
Most of the work we do gets printed, but for those projects that aren’t intended for print media, that’s where digital publishing comes in. If you want to distribute your documents digitally – on your website or on a CD, DVD or flash drive, or even in an ebook – we can help you get there. We’ve created fully interactive ebooks with internal and external links and embedded video and audio.

We can create the page layout that will get your message across regardless of the media you choose. Most of the tools and processes we use are the same with any type of output media. It’s just the final step – the delivery method – that changes.