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Monthly Archives: July 2011

“Pinning” is a great feature in Office 2010. (Maybe in Office 2007, too, but we skipped that version.) It keeps the documents and folders that you use frequently — or the ones that you just can’t remember where you put them — readily available to you. We’re loving it! It’s as easy as pushing  a pin into a cork board. Here’s how to “pin” a file in a Microsoft Office program:

Go to File > Recent to see your recently used documents and folders. The left column displays documents, the right column has folders. For any entry in either column, look to the right of it and there is your push pin! Click on it and it moves that document or folder to the top of the list and keeps it “pinned” there for you. It will now be in the top section whenever you need it. Very handy!

Want more handy file management goodness? You can change the number of recent documents displayed by clicking File > Options > Advanced and then change the number of recent files to display. There are a ton of options in this dialog box, but you’ll find this one right under the Display heading.