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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Creative Cloud

InDesign: There’s More to Spacing than the Space Bar

Back in the days before computers and desktop publishing, typists created space between words by hitting the space bar on their typewriters once (typically with their thumb). But things are different now. Instead of dumb typewriters, we use something called computers.    >>Continue reading

Easier Navigating in InDesign

One of my biggest gripes with InDesign has always been that the PageDown and PageUp keys no longer move the document a full page up or down. Why? Why? Why? It worked in PageMaker. And it’s just intuitive. So why change it? Beats me, but they did and they never changed it back. So are there better ways to navigate through a long document in InDesign? Yes, there are! Thank you for asking.   >>Continue reading

INDD: Using Guides in Adobe InDesign

There are four types of guides in InDesign. This blog contains a video giving step-by-step instructions for using each type.   >>Learn more

INDD: Create 2014 Calendars in Adobe InDesign

Setting up a calendar for printing in InDesign! >>Learn more

INDD: 4 Ways to Underline Text

This video blog presents FOUR, count them, four ways to underline text in InDesign!  >>Learn more

INDD:  InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts – What? Where? Why? Help!

Here’s WHAT they are, WHERE they are found, and WHY to use them!  >>Learn more

INDD: New Adobe InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts Tip Card

Save time and effort by using the keyboard instead of always reaching for the mouse. >>Learn more

INDD: Create Interlocking Letters -It’s Quick & Easy

Learn how to add pizzazz to your initials!. >>Learn more

INDD: Special Characters – Smart Quotes and More

Learn how to use special characters such as the copyright symbol and smart quotes. >>Learn more

INDD: Redefining Styles

InDesign has a Paragraph style feature that helps with standardization throughout your documents.  There are also ways to tweak those styles as needed. >>Learn more

INDD: Docking Panels for Efficiency

Adobe has organized their many menu options and made them available as panels that can be docked on your screen. >>Learn more

Adobe Creative Cloud – It’s Time to Consider Jumping

Adobe’s introductory rate ends August 31, so time is running out to make the jump to the Cloud with significant cost savings.  Here are some details about the Creative Cloud, including rates.   >>Learn more

InDD: Hyphenation – The Way You Want It

Watch this short video to learn how to get your hyphenation in InDesign just the way you want it. >>Learn more

Creating an InDesign File That Prints…Prepping Your Files for the Printer

Here are important “pre-flight” and packaging instructions to follow in order to have your publication ready for smooth sailing and less cost at the print shop. >>Learn more

Creating an InDesign File That Prints…Document Creation

More details on how to get your InDesign documents to print perfectly. >>Learn more

Creating an InDesign File That Prints…Preparation & Setup

Here we get into more of the details on how to get your InDesign documents to print perfectly. >>Learn more

8.5 Steps to Creating an InDesign Document that Prints Perfectly…On the First Try

Ever have trouble printing your InDesign documents? or is this your first time, and you want it to print perfectly? Here are some easy steps to get it done. >>Learn more

InDesign: Clean Up Imported Word Text

Word text imported into InDesign doesn’t come through as nicely as you would want it to. This article will give you some ways to help clean it up. >>Learn more

Packaging — Can Lead to a Version Control Nightmare…

Here are some reasons for packaging and important pointers to make sure you use it safely.  >>Learn more

Packaging — Keeping All Your Pieces Together

InDesign’s packaging feature does a great job of finding all of your documents bits and pieces and putting them in one place. It also goes through a process of evaluating your file to look for problems that might be encountered when printing. >>Learn more

InDesign Tip: Speed Up Your Zooming

Quick and easy InDesign zooming options. >>Learn more

Calculate in InDesign?

Have you ever needed to do calculations while working in InDesign? Let InDesign do it for you. >>Learn more

Where, Oh Where Has My Dialog Box Gone? Docking Is the Answer!

Is there a dialog box that you use occasionally, but have to go on a safari to find each time you need it? >>Learn more

Give Me a Break, Please! (Page, Paragraph, Column, and More)

Need a page or other kind of break?  Find out about the seven different kinds and their shortcuts in this blog. >>Learn more

Can I Globally Change the Data in My InDesign Tables?

No, you can’t globally change your data within InDesign Tables, but we give you some options to get the job done. >>Learn more

Drop Caps Are a Breeze

Drop caps are a breeze to create with InDesign. >>Learn more

Change Graphics Viewing Resolution – It’ll be Easier on Your Eyes

Want a higher quality view of your graphics? Are your graphics slowing you down?  Either way – check out this blog. >>Learn more

Bulleted & Numbered Lists Made Easy

Bulleted or numbered lists are just a couple of mouse clicks away in InDesign. >>Learn more

Align Dialog Box Discovered

The Align dialog box seemed to be lost when Adobe went from PageMaker to InDesign. It still exists — you just need to know where to find it. >>Learn more

Easily Change Viewing Preferences for More Productivity

Gridlines, guides, margins, frame outlines — sometimes you need ’em, and sometimes they’re just in the way. Turn them on and off with quick keyboard shortcuts. >>Learn more

Aligning Elements Is a Snap

There are many ways to align objects on your page in InDesign, but I find that “snapping” them to guides is the easiest and fastest. >>Learn more

Copy Pages from One Document to Another

We’ve recently discovered that you can copy WHOLE PAGES from one document to another quite easily in InDesign CS3, CS4 or CS5. >>Learn more