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A Quick Tutorial on

Sending sensitive information via standard email (or text) is so not-smart. A number of websites now offer encrypted email services with self-destruction features. (Yes, think Mission Impossible.) We’ve used a service called (You might also try privnote and burnnote.)

To use, point your browser to

Once there, you’ll see their home page image: Home Home Screen

Click on the blue “Create One Now” button and the message screen appears.

Then, simply type your message, select from a dropdown box how quickly you want the message to destruct and click the “Create Link” button.

Here’s what the message area looks like: Message Screen

After clicking the blue “Create Link” button, a screen comes up offering you a link to paste into an email you create: Link Screen

Create your email using whatever email program you use, paste the link into it and off it goes. When the recipient receives the email and clicks on the link, it is opened on the site, looking like this: Unlocked Message

Notice the note at the bottom – the link may only be used once. If the recipient doesn’t record and keep the information somewhere else, they will no longer have access to it.

In the words of Sam Axe, “easy-peasy.”

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