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Phil loves the line from the movie Ghostbusters when Ernie Hudson shouts, “We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the talent!”

Our Tips & Tricks section provides just half of the answer to the question, “How do they do that?” That’s the talent part of the equation. The other half deals with our tools — the software and services that we use to create the things we do for you.

We’ve always tried to be a transparent firm. We want to share what we know with you. When you know what goes into creating your documents, you’re better able to manage your desktop publishing projects. Like an old TV commercial used to say, “Informed consumers are our best customers.” So we’ve provided links to resources from vendors whose products we use as well as production and training aids we’ve developed. Enjoy!

Resources from Other Vendors

Here then are links to the ultimate toolbox — outstanding and highly recommended product and service vendors that can help make your job easier. Commentary on each company provided by Phil. He’s the techie shopper and he’s always in the market for something.




Photos & Artwork

Web Design & Hosting

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Resources from DDP

In addition to having the best software and hardware, we’ve created a number of tools that help make our lives easier. Our two most popular tools are available here.

TIPCards – These pocket cards keep useful commands at your fingertips.

Book Publishing Flowchart – This flowchart helps you understand the process of publishing a book. Note: This file is larger than most and may take a few minutes to load.

For other resources from DDP that just might make your life a little easier, check out our DDP resources page.