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Versions: CS3 through 5.5

Sometimes you need ’em, and sometimes they’re just in the way. Toggling back and forth between showing and hiding gridlines, guides and margin lines, and frame outlines is a snap if you learn the keyboard commands. And when you’re ready for a true print preview, use a simple menu option. These commands are real time savers.

Toggle grid lines: Ctrl-‘ (control and apostrophe keys)

Toggle guides and margin lines: Ctrl-;  (control and semicolon keys)

Toggle frame outlines: Ctrl-H

For a full preview without grid lines, margins, frame boxes, and even the pasteboard, go to

View > Screen Mode > Preview

Combining this Preview mode with the High Quality Display mode will give you an excellent indication of how your document will look when it prints.

To revert to your regular working environment, select

View > Screen Mode > Normal.

Oh, and if you’ve lost the “Align” dialog box, check out this tip.

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