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Version: CS3 through 5.5

The Align dialog box seemed to be lost when Adobe went from PageMaker to InDesign. We’ve uncovered the treasure!

The Align dialog box still exists, you just need to know where to find it. 

For reasons we really can’t explain, the Align function dialog box is inexplicably buried here:

Window > Object & Layout > Align

If you use it a lot, you’ll want to learn the keyboard command: Shift-F7 — and if you already know that, you are a power user!

And if you really use it a lot, you’ll want to add it to your palettes. Here’s how.

But I used to be able to evenly distribute selected options from the Align menu. Where did it go? 

Well, you still can, and it’s still available from the Align dialog box, you just have to dig a bit deeper. If “Distribute Spacing” options aren’t visible when you open your Align dialog box (remember, Shift-F7), click on the top right flyout menu arrow, then click on “Show Options.” The “Distribute Spacing” functions appear at the bottom of the Align dialog box.

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