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Warm Apple CrispOur brainstorming meeting to find a new name for our eNewsletter was great fun Wednesday night. We’ll unveil our new name when we publish our next issue in a few weeks, but I thought I’d share some of our rejected ideas:

  • DDP Hotspot (we thought our signature blue colors didn’t fit the name)
  • DDP Libra (ok, not many of us got that one)
  • Pulp Friction (uh, no – some of us loved it but – no)
  • Don’t Read This! (reverse psychology says you’d have to open it)
  • The Data Dump (again, uh, no)
  • News You Can Use (we all liked it but it’s overused)
  • Eco Pages (“No trees were harmed in the creation of this product….save the planet, recycle the ideas in this newsletter”)
  • The DDP Staple (not bad, but it didn’t make the cut)
  • Chips & DiP (if you have to explain it, it doesn’t work)
  • The Publishing Algorithm (actually, several of us really liked this but we figured it was too intellectual, aka boring)
  • Warm Apple Cranberry Crisp (wait a minute, that was the dessert menu…well, by then we were throwing out weird ideas…I personally liked “The Crème Brûlée” – yeah, we could make that work!)

Heard around the table:

“How do you teach a duck to do that?”

“See, they always go straight to the booze.”

“I’m totally de-ticked.”

“People are delicate flowers.”

“The gooner has gotten out!”

“Now that’s how you do a tagline!”

You had to be there to make sense of it. Many thanks to all who participated.

And to file under “Did you know”…

…that Kristi Yamaguchi is not only a world-class Olympic skater and a Dancing with the Stars champion, she’s also a competitive eating champion!

BTW, despite all our brainstorming, we’re not confident that we’ve struck upon the name. If you have any ideas, please email me at

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