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Create a Single PDF from Multiple Files.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as my mom used to say. (Which in retrospect is a really morbid thing to say. I really don’t think she ever skinned any cats…at least I hope not!)

You can creat a single PDF from multiple files a couple of different ways in Acrobat. It’s just that some ways are easier than others and some offer more options than others.

The “Old Fashioned” Approach — Insert Documents

With your first document open, go to the last page before the new document you want to insert, then

     >Document>Insert (or Ctrl-Shift-I)

        Go to the document you want to insert, select it, and then use the dialog box that appears to identify what pages should be inserted.

The “New Fashioned” Approach — Combine Documents

Combining documents is a bit easier and offers more functionality. Depending on the version of Acrobat you have, you’ll want to think “Create PDF” (Acrobat 7) or “Combine Files” (Acrobat 8). You’ll probably find these buttons on your toolbar, but if not, look in the File menu.

   Select “From Multiple Files” and you’re on your way. A dialog box will open that allows you to browse your system to find the various files you want to combine. Don’t worry if you select them in the wrong order because the dialog box allows you to rearrange them. The beauty of this approach is that you can combine files that are not yet PDF files! You can select Word or Excel files (for example) and combine them with existing PDFs. Acrobat will open a PDF writer and create PDFs from your source documents, combining them together into a single PDF file.

   Pretty nifty! Of course if you’re accustomed to creating your own PDFs, you might feel that this approach doesn’t give you the control you’d like. We’d fall into that category. But the command is still helpful in that it will combine multiple PDFs after you’ve created each one just how you want it.

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